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NIMS College has launched a Strategic Innovation Lab to equip a group of faculty members to develop conceptual and practical skills around the idea and practice of strategic planning. Run for 4 months and directed by well known strategic planner Dr Hemant R Ojha, Institute for Studies and Development Worldwide (IFD) Australia, the Lab will expose NIMS team to the forefront of strategic planning thinking and best practices around the world. This Lab will prepare a core team of NIMS academic faculty to internalise strategic planning thinking and analytical skills, and then to use the skills and insight to enrich student learning across a range of NIMS course units.

The Campus Chief Dr Mani Banjade is also co-mentoring the lab participants and anticipate that this Lab will be a key milestone in the New Management’s strategy to transform NIMS teaching and learning practices. Dr Banjade also expects that the Lab can open up possibilities for setting up a new strategic consulting unit at NIMS College, enabling its faculties to sell expert consulting services on strategic planning in the rapidly growing industry in Nepal. The Lab involves developing two strategic plans for identified clients who have co-financed the Lab in anticipation of useful strategic planning guidance from the Lab. The Lab used GoogleClass as a virtual platform and a monthly face to face session, with individual learning and analysis plans in between the sessions. The Lab team engage intimately with the two client organisations which are the industry partners of the Lab.


This Innovation Lab is being delivered through face to face sessions the online facility of Google Classroom.