Qualitative Data Analysis: Theoretical considerations

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As a part of the NIMS college seminar series, a seminar on qualitative data analysis was held at the college premise on May 23, 2019. Dr. Mani Ram Banjade, campus chief of the college gave an insightful talk.

The seminar began with discussion on the prior knowledge of the participants about the concept of qualitative data analysis.

During the seminar, Dr. Banjade cautioned the participants on avoiding the dangers of misinterpreting qualitative data by having a clear research paradigm including theoretical perspective and methodology.

The participants were meaningfully engaged in exciting debate on the theoretical perspectives of positivism vs constructivism.

While positivism calls for a systematic inquiry to make sense of knowledge and truth, constructivism argues that reality is a social construct which includes human mental activity in the process of knowing reality.

In the brief post seminar session, majority of the participants said that they found the session very useful to better comprehend the principles of qualitative analysis.