Paid Online Short Courses on Statistical Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

Paid Online Short Courses on Statistical Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

Basan Shrestha, Vising Faculty Member of NIMS and Training Specialist

This is an era of data visualization. Organizations and professionals need data to inform decision making and planning. However, they face challenges in making sense of all different kinds of data they collect.  Simple and easy to apply statistical solutions can offer solutions. Statistics is a science of collecting, measuring, analyzing, and visualizing data. But many face challenges on how to perform statistical analysis on easily available software like Microsoft Excel. It is a widely available computer application with a vast potential to compile, analyze, and visualize data.

We are in a difficult time of the Pandemic but this can also be moment to learn new things in life and get ready for new great time. Besides, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has restricted movement and social gathering. Online technologies have made it possible to participate in distant learning and knowledge sharing opportunities. In this context, NIMS College is proud to announce this training with its Visiting Faculty Member and Training Specialist Mr. Basan Shrestha as the lead trainer.

Training Objectives:

The main objective of the training is to provide knowledge and hands-on practical skills on statistical data analysis using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

By the end of the training you will be able to:

1. Understand the nature of data and master data entry techniques
2. Perform descriptive statistical functions to measure centrality and spread of data
3. Apply statistical functions to measure association among variables
4. Undertake inferential statistical functions for hypothesis testing
5. Create graphical measures to visualize data


Day 1

  • Database management (data type, data format, variable and table naming convention, data validation, conditional formatting)
  • Descriptive statistics (frequency distribution, measures of central tendency and dispersion, histogram, shape of distribution, outliers)

Day 2

  • Distribution functions (Binomial distribution, Normal distribution)
  • Scatter diagram
  • Correlation
  • Regression (bivariate and multivariate)

Day 3

  • Cross tabulation and non-parametric test (Chi-square test)
  • Parametric tests (T-Test, One-Way-ANOVA)
  • Graphical presentation (Pie chart, Bar diagram, Line chart, Combo)

Potential Participants:

The course is appropriate for M&E professionals, data analysts, managers, development workers, and students as well as individuals who are involved or interested in research and development.


NPR. 1500.00 (Nepalese Rupees One thousand and Five hundred only for Nepalese in Nepal). US$ 20.00 (United States Dollar Twenty only for Non-Nepalese or Nepalese outside Nepal)


Please pay course fee at the following bank account in advance at:

Bank: Global IME Bank, Sundhara Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal

Account Holder Name: NIMS College Pvt. Ltd.

Account No.: T701010000034 SWIFT Code: GLBBNPKA

Every week: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

Time: 15:00 – 17:00 Nepal Time (GMT+05:45).

Registration: Numbers of seats for the training are limited, register soon to secure a seat. Please fill out this online form to book your seat:

Deadline for Registration: Tuesday


Basan Shrestha, Trainer Specialist,

[email protected][email protected], 98418 85457.

About the Trainer

Mr. Basan Shrestha has two decades of experience in international research and development projects on agriculture, biodiversity conservation, livelihoods improvement, disaster risk reduction, and financial inclusion. He is experienced in research design, monitoring, evaluation and data analysis. Mr. Shrestha graduated from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He is a life member of the Community of Evaluators-Nepal.


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