NIMS Journal

Asian Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development (JOSDEV)

To be produced by NIMS College

Asia region is now at the frontline of innovation and development. A lot is happening in the areas of business, social sectors, public policy, institutions and environmental management. Academic and peer reviewed Journals covering interdisciplinary analysis of innovation and sustainable development are still in limited number. As NIMS college comes under new management with a vision to achieve academic excellence in teaching and research, this Journal has been set up to showcase the research done by NIMS faculty, students and collaborators. It will create an important academic space through which research on innovation and development on a range of social, economic, political and environmental challenges will be disseminated.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Mani R Banjade

Editors: Dr Mina Adhikari, Dr Eak Rana, Mr Kushal Pokharel, Mr Ishwari Banjade

Editorial Advisory Board: Prof David Seddon, Dr Hemant R Ojha, Dr Dinesh Paudel, Dr Chandra Pandey.