I am delighted to welcome you to explore our courses at NIMS College which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

 The College offers a range of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree courses which suite the learning needs and career expectations of young citizens of Nepal. Its programs cover management, business, IT, social work, sociology, with plans to expand its scope. It has been set up to provide affordable high quality higher education in Nepal. It was founded by a team of academics and community leaders in Nepal.

 Under the new management, NIMS college has redefined it mission to offer global quality education for students. This college ownership has now been acquired by a group of academics and research professionals who have a passion to deliver high quality education in Nepal. The new team include some of the highly reputed professionals in different fields of research and education in Nepal. They have international experience including in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, and various parts of Europe.

 At NIMS College, we put student at the center of teaching and learning, and strive to make graduates capable of tackling career challenges of the 21stcentury globalized world. Our graduates have global outlook, practical skills, with an ability to think critically beyond the received wisdom. We also create unparalleled opportunities for student to foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

 I am also pleased to share our plan to develop research and teaching collaboration with academic and research institutions across South Asia, Australia, Europe and the North America. This will allow our students to enjoy articulated credit transfer to these universities if they chose to continue their further study abroad.

 I very much look forward to welcoming you as our valued student at NIMS College.


Dr Mani Ram Banjade

 Managing Director and Principal