Dr Mani Ram Banjade

Dr. Banjade has a PhD from Australian National University on on environmental governance and development studies. He is a senior faculty member of Research Methodology at the graduate level program. His research expertise include environmental governance, public policy and deliberative politics. He is also the principal of NIMS college and takes classes on Research methodology while assisting students with their own research work.

Dr Hemant Ojha

Senior Visiting Faculty Member


Dr Basundhara Bhattarrai

Visiting Faculty Member

Dr Basundhara Bhattarai has a PhD on gender and development from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Dil Khatri

Senior Visiting Faculty Member

Dr Khatri has a PhD from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Dr Dinesh Paudel

Other Member

Dr Dinesh Paudel has a PhD from University of Minnesota, USA.

Dr Dipa Adhikari

Other Member

Dr. Adhikari has a PhD from Dallan University of Technology, China. She is a senior faculty member of Research Methodology. She takes classes in the graduate level business studies program. She has few years of teaching experience.

Mr Ishwari Banjade

Other Member

Mr. Banjade is currently a PhD scholar at the Central Department of Statistics, Tribhuwan University. He teaches statistics and research methodology at various undergraduate level programs including BSW , BA and MA while also assisting the students with in the research work . He has more than 10 yrs of experience in teaching.

Dr Humakant Mishra

Other Member

Dr Mishra has a PhD from  Kyoto University, Japan

Dr Eak B Rana

Other Member

Dr. Rana has a PhD from Charles Sturt University, Australia. He is a faculty member of Research in the graduate level program. His thematic expertise include environmental governance and climate change. He is in the education field since past few years.