Exciting Environmental Sociology Fellowship!!!

Exciting Environmental Sociology Fellowship!!!
Exciting Environmental Sociology Fellowship!!!

NIMS College is proud to announce research scholarship for prospective MA Sociology students committed to pursue dissertation research on any of the following topics of Environmental Sociology:

  1. Political economy of scientific forest management
  2. Economic sociology of agriculture and forest enterprises in Nepal
  3. Political sociology of environmental governance in federalizing Nepal
  4. Climate change and Himalayan societal resilience in Nepal
  5. Political economy of hydropower development in Nepal
  6. Natural resources conflict and social transformation
  7. Gender justice and environmental management in Nepal
  8. Sociology of environmental social movements in Nepal
  9. Sociology of disaster risk management in Nepal
  10. Urban sociological research in Nepal

Benefits to you:

  • Intensive guidance and mentorship support on your topic of choice
  • Each competitively selected and successful student will be offered Rs 50,000 for dissertation research at the beginning of dissertation work
  • Publication and research presentation support
  • Guidance from internationally respected academic mentors in addition to national supervisors

How to apply?

If you are interested, please click the link below and express your interest.


Apply before 24 January 2020 (10 Magh 2076).


Successful candidates will sit in the TU MA entrance exam and if successful will be offered a place for MA at NIMS College. Students will undertake usual course work as well as receive additional guidance on research right bring the beginning of their study at NIMS College. The dissertation fellowship will become effective when dissertation research starts as per teh TU calendar.


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