Bachelor of Social Work

BSW which is known as Bachelor of Social work is a 3 year annual program of Tribhuvan University. It was first initiated by St. Xavier’s college in Nepal in academic fraternity. Social work education is a holistic approach of providing knowledge base required for practice through theoretical approach, skills development and learning through simultaneous field work and embedding important ethical values through exposure, super vision and continuous self reflection. Social work education helps to change the individual’s personality and can be beneficial to develop positive attitude towards the work. Social work is mainly concerned with changing the life of people. Social workers can be agent of change for the people who are strongly in the need of protection, care and guidance.  They can assist people in solving their day to day problem and also actively work for the rights of children, women, youth, etc. This is one of the most growing fields in Nepal and anyone willing to choose careers in this field will be benefitted.


The social work education for Bachelor level is designed in such a way that the learners can be well accustomed to:

  • Provide broader knowledge related to human nature and society and also expertise in administrative work.
  • Demonstrate necessary knowledge and ideas related to understanding of the social policy and develop necessary skills needed to analyze, formulate and change existing social policy.
  • Demonstrate the value base of profession guided by certain work ethics and moral standards.
  •  Demonstrate the ability to integrate the field visit experiences that covers wide range of opportunities like applying knowledge, skills, and values vital for social work practice, using supervision and consultant appropriate for work, etc.
  • Gain Expertise in the six field of social work like advocacy, broker, change agent, counselor, mediator and researcher.

Admission Requirements

Eligibility Requirement:

  • The candidates interested in applying for a Social work are as follows:
  • +2 (intermediate) or equivalent level of education from any board/ institutions / universities recognized by TU.
  • Students from any stream can apply for this. But he/ she should have got at least 45% in the intermediate level.

Entrance Exam:

College itself takes the entrance examination to evaluate the students. The Humanities faculty of TU does not take entrance like that of Management faculty.

Scope and Career Prospects

If we see the number of INGO and NGO in Nepal than one can easily presume the scope of BSW. It is one of the most multi dimensional subjects which incorporate service to the needy and handsome salary simultaneously. The BSW graduates can work in different positions in:

  • Government Jobs
  • Banks and corporate house
  • Academic Sector
  • Media Sector
  • Consultancies and institutes
  • Research and field work