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Student Centered Training on Leadership, Creativity and Business Innovation Announced
Rare opportunity of training from globally renown Professor on Creativity and Leadership! NIMS College is pleased to announce a course on Leadership, Creativity and Business Innovation for students of NIMS College and consortium partners of NIMS College. This is part of a larger initiative of NIMS College entitled Academic and Personal Competency Enhancement Training Systems (APCETS). APCETS is designed as an additional and complementary system of learning on top of the curriculum of Tribhuvan University [...]
Research and engagement in higher education teaching and learning
By Dr Mani Ram Banjade and Mr Ishwari Banjade The landscape of higher education teaching and learning marks a remarkable shift. As per the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the number of students enrolled in higher education institutions continue to rise. It is expected that the number of enrolments will reach 594.1 million by 2040 compared to 214.1 million in 2015. Despite the improvement in students enrolment globally, enhancing the quality of teaching-learning remains a major [...]
Interactive seminar on critical pedagogy
Dr. Dinesh Paudel, member of the academic advisory board at NIMS college delivered an interactive lecture on the importance of exploring our own teaching-learning methods instead of relying on the western theory on Jan 4, 2019. During the seminar, Dr. Paudel emphasized on the need of promoting a culture of critical inquiry. He further stated that the issues of environment and energy are the two major agendas of the contemporary world and addressing these issues [...]
As a part of the NIMS college seminar series, a seminar on qualitative data analysis was held at the college premise on May 23, 2019. Dr. Mani Ram Banjade, campus chief of the college gave an insightful talk. The seminar began with discussion on the prior knowledge of the participants about the concept of qualitative data analysis. During the seminar, Dr. Banjade cautioned the participants on avoiding the dangers of misinterpreting qualitative data by having [...]
Transforming Boring Classes into Exciting Learning Platforms at NIMS College?
  By Ishwari P Banjade   Boring classrooms In my teaching journey of more than a decade, I have often found teachers’ roles and responsibilities limited to planning the lesson, delivering lectures, assessing students’ learning, and managing the classroom environment. In other words, traditionally there has been an attempt to typify the teaching duties merely in terms of delivering the course content in a specified time period without bothering much about other significant aspects of [...]
Social Work Field Camps: Exciting Learning and Community Experience
Internship and jobs
  By Gita Bhattarai Learning beyond the classroom Social work education is gaining popularity among students as a unique academic program within social science. What fascinates me about this program is its focus on field education and experiential from fieldwork activities. What is fascinating is that the program inculcates a unique value orientation that aims at making students responsible social citizens. Unlike other social sciences programs which are primarily theoretical in nature, this discipline has [...]