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GrantLab: First time in Nepal to learn grant writing and raise funds
Download flyer (will be available soon). NIMS College (Affiliated to Tribhuvan University) is pleased to announce Grant Writing Lab (or GrantLab), which is an unparalleled opportunity to learn grant writing, project development and fundraising. This Initiative is not fully covered financially - it is indeed a social contribution of NIMS College to our wider community in Nepal. The GrantLab will be mentored by professionals who have exceptional success records in raising funds for innovative projects. This Lab supports [...]
NIMS Colleges, Social Welfare Council and TU, Social Work Department Jointly Announce Interdisciplinary Webinar Series on Understanding the Impact of the Pandemic
COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting the health, education, economy and society of Nepal like no other. The pandemic has also exposed the limits of conventional science and academic disciplines of knowledge. While decision makers at different levels of government are facing unprecedented challenges on how this pandemic can be managed, Nepal’s academic community also struggles to make sense of the crisis, and has made limited contribution. This webinar brings scholars from UK, USA and Nepal to [...]
Exciting Environmental Sociology Fellowship!!!
NIMS College is proud to announce research scholarship for prospective MA Sociology students committed to pursue dissertation research on any of the following topics of Environmental Sociology: Political economy of scientific forest management Economic sociology of agriculture and forest enterprises in Nepal Political sociology of environmental governance in federalizing Nepal Climate change and Himalayan societal resilience in Nepal Political economy of hydropower development in Nepal Natural resources conflict and social transformation Gender justice and environmental [...]
Sustainable Development Goals and Local Government – Innovation Lab Kicks Off
    A new NIMS Innovation Lab was kicked off on 16 August on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Local Government. This is organised by NIMS College as a special capacity building opportunity for NIMS faculties and teachers in collaboration with Australia based Institute for Studies and Development Worldwide (IFSD). In the planning phase, participants will be guided to develop an action research proposal and then develop a partnership with municipal governments chosen by the [...]
Maintaining the Culture of Academic Quality in Nepalese Universities
  By Kushal Pokaharel In the latest round of incidents confirming the desire of Prime Minister Oli to exercise more control over universities, the government has proposed a bill to amend the university acts. The draft bill has a provision that authorises the prime minister to sack key university officials—VCs, rectors and registrars with as long as one-fourth of the members of the senate agreeing. Expressing their strong dissatisfaction over this arrangement, former vice-chancellors of [...]
Why Did I Take the NIMS College Leadership Role?
  Dr Mani R Banjade I am delighted to share with friends and the wider community that I decided to be part of a small team to run a higher education college in Nepal. This was a very deliberative decision I made, after spending over five years in the government service, seven years in the world of NGOs and over three years in an international research organisation. This decision also follows four years of doing [...]
Thinking of Australia for Further Studies? Some Advice from an Australia based Academic
By Dr Hemant R Ojha Dr Ojha is a University academic in Australia and a well-known social science researcher in the field of environment and international development. His twitter handle is @ojhahemant1.     Many of you may already be thinking of coming to Australia for higher studies. As the third largest destination for international students, just behind the USA and the UK, student experience in Australia is becoming a major area of public interest [...]