September 2020

NIMS Colleges, Social Welfare Council and TU, Social Work Department Jointly Announce Interdisciplinary Webinar Series on Understanding the Impact of the Pandemic
COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting the health, education, economy and society of Nepal like no other. The pandemic has also exposed the limits of conventional science and academic disciplines of knowledge. While decision makers at different levels of government are facing unprecedented challenges on how this pandemic can be managed, Nepal’s academic community also struggles to make sense of the crisis, and has made limited contribution. This webinar brings scholars from UK, USA and Nepal to [...]
September 19, 2020
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Kites and Pandemic: Getting Ready for the Festive Season
By Nirman Ojha The COVID-19 pandemic has been very frustrating as it has impacted our life at personal, professional and societal levels.  How are we going to celebrate Dashain and other great festivals in the middle of this pandemic? I am sending my best wishes to you all, from the vantage of my academic life around MIMS College. Our academic operations highly impacted Like every other business, the College operations have been impacted extremely. Amidst [...]