International quality learning environment

The new management brings academic experience from the UK, USA, and Australia.

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Qualified teachers

NIMS management carefully selects faculties who are passionate in academic teaching and are also willing to learn themselves.

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Good facility and learning resources

NIMS strives to provide good learning resources. It has a well managed library

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Use of real world as a classrooms

Whether you are doing MA Sociology or Bachelor of Computer Application

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About NIMS

NIMS College was established in 2007 to provide affordable higher education in Nepal.  It was founded by a team of academics and community leaders in Nepal. Over a decade of dedicated educational services, NIMS has become one of the most popular management colleges in Kathmandu valley. In 10 years, it has served hundreds of Nepalese students and its alumni work in prestigious positions in Nepal and outside.

Since November 2018, NIMS has come under a new management team with international academic experience. The new team include some of the highly reputed professionals in different fields of research and education in Nepal. They have international experience including in the UK, Australia and the USA, and various parts of Europe.

The new management team has a vision to transform NIMS into an education provider of international reputation. To translate this vision, NIMS teaching and learning systems are being radically improved to meet international quality standards.

Current Courses


If you have a passion to become a programmer, or want to excel in designing integrated IT systems solutions, then our BCA is the course you want to take. This four year TU course is delivered at NIMS College to unlock your global career.


In today’s globalised world, even the government and community organisations are acting like a business. Our four year BBS will fully equip you with conceptual and practical skills to design and apply business solutions to every social problems.


Social Work discipline is gaining momentum globally, as the mainstream development often leads to social exclusion and marginalisation. As problems in communities and families grow, NIMS adopted this course


Sociological outlook and social analysis skills have become indispensable to succeed professionally in today’s complex and highly competitive world. We fully optimise learning within this TU program so you are able to gain necessary theoretical and practical skills required to diagnose social challenges and offer solutions to the society.


With our MBS degree, you will be able to either choose to become an entrepreneur yourself or join a large corporation to design and implement business projects. At NIMS, we create opportunities for your to understand and analyse real world business challenges and opportunities and you will graduate fully equipped with the skills needed to deliver high quality business solutions.

Upcoming Courses


The proposed BBA from TU will be a perfect choice for students wishing to develop management and business administration carrier in the contemporary world of globalisation.


Once approved from TU, our BEd course will be a perfect choice for those wishing pursue educational carrier in various sectoral areas such as health and development.


We are in process of acquiring affiliation for BBM from TU.

NIMS graduates have the following attributes:
  • Technical and emotional confidence: graduates confidently demonstrate technical competence and are emotionally confident to share and discuss their knowledge.
  • International outlook: graduates will develop an international outlook and see themselves as a member of global knowledge communities in their respective disciplines.
  • Communicative: graduates have the verbal and written ability to communicate knowledge and ideas to a broad range of audiences, including the lay public as well as academic peers.
  • Sound disciplinary knowledge: graduates have sound theoretical and practical knowledge of the discipline.
  • Ability to translate knowledge: graduates have creative skills to articulate complex conceptual knowledge in relation to real world challenges.
  • Critically thinking: graduates have the capacity to undertake critical analysis of discourse, narratives, theory and concepts related to their discipline and professional practice.


NIMS strives to become a high quality, research focused and innovation oriented higher education college in Nepal with students coming from across the South Asian region.

There will be visiting faculties coming from Australia and other parts of the worlds giving lectures and our own college faculties will also visit Australis for training and exposure. We will also have students exchange programs with Australian Universities. So all of these will make our college very attractive for both national and international students. We also expect students from India and other part of South Asia after second year. This way the college will be very selective in recruiting students and faculties. After 3rd year, we will be able to secure and attract some of the most talented students from Nepal and possibly from other countries in South Asia.

The business objectives for the next 5 years (2018-2023) are as follows:
  • to strengthen the existing programs and the college management systems
  • to build and strengthen college infrastructure covering computer lab, classrooms, seminar halls and all other kinds of teaching and learning resources
  • to strengthen the human resource quality by providing training, exposure, research and other learning opportunities to make the college international standard
  • to develop pathways to Australia universities and colleges of higher education
  • to develop its own in the outer skirts of Kathmandu valley
  • to obtain affiliations for new subjects and degrees from Nepalese as well as international Universities subject to Nepal government’s regulations

Alumni views